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YantaiGuangyuanAnalytica passed the CNAS certificate

     Good news from Beijing:Yongyi group branch-YantaiGuangyuanAnalytica has pass the approval of China National Accreditation and Service (CNAS).This is a an approval to YantaiGuangyuanAnalytica analysis level and ability.With the food safety importance in home and abroad,YantaiGuangyuanAnalytica improves its level continuously ,introduced a series of advanced analysis equipment-GC,GC-MS,LC-MS/MS etc.Meanwhile,it emphasize the laboratory technician ability ,which can provide the exact and accurate analysis report to the export factories,ensuring the food safety.Relying on the deep study to the Japan、EU、USA safety regulation and monitor analysis method,combining with the domestic pesticide production and usage research,YantaiGuangyuanAnalytica has accumulated rich experience and formed its own monitor items with reference to the current international food safety .It can test pesticide residue、sulphite、sodium chloride、active chlorine in sodium hypochlorite、brix、acidity 、moisture、ash content etc physicochemical test and many microbe test,which can control the test cost meanwhile saving time.

    YantaiGuangyuanAnalytica implements strictly according to the quality system .Its all staff can make sure the test report come out fast、accurate、impartial 、objective by their precise attitude 、scientific working method.We are confident that we can serve our customers in honest and high quality relying on our nice economy basis and professional technique.

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